Welcome to your clinical placement with Psychology at Monash Health. In this section you will find information specifically related to your Psychology placement. Attached is a Monash Health Psychology Placement Orientation to assist in your orientation to Monash Health.

Psychologists at Monash Health consist of many different specialties including

  • Clinical psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • and Clinical Neuropsychology

Psychologists at Monash Health work with people across the lifespan (i.e. child, adolescent, youth, adult and older adult). This includes acute, sub acute and community-based programs and departments, including general medicine, mental health, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, and specialty clinics.

We provide student placements in the Mental Health Program across the whole of life, and specialist services. These include the Gender Clinic, the Wellness and Recovery Centre (focusing on eating disorders), and the agile Psychological Medicine Clinic.

Student Placements are also provided within Rehabilitation and Aged Care Service (RACS) that sees patients in the acute and sub-acute wards of our hospitals. The Acute Neuropsychology Program provides clinical neuropsychology interventions. These are across a range of medical services, and there are also students in Monash Health services including the Children′s Cancer Centre, and the Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service.

Psychology student placements at Monash Health are only offered to students from institutions with an established agreement with Monash Health. Requests from individual students seeking placements outside of such an agreement cannot be accommodated.

During your clinical placement you will contribute to the health care of a patients with a broad range of presentations.

In consultation with your University or Institute’s Placement Coordinator, the Monash Health Psychology Student Coordinator will allocate your PsyBA supervision accredited clinical placement supervisor and any mentors.

In addition to using your placement to develop the competencies to become a Registrar in your endorsed area, your placement will also aim to develop your competencies in working within a multi-disciplinary team. This includes co-working with patients, their families and (other) carers in the context of acute, sub-acute, outpatient, and community based environments

Your Student Coordinator

Dr Sika Turner
Psychology Clinical Educator – Placement Co-ordinator 
0447 665 525

Discipline Seniors/Managers for Psychology

Early in Life Mental Health Program

Dr David Moseley,
Psychology Discipline Senior

Gender ClinicDr Birgit Mumelter
Adult Mental HealthLaura Stapleton, Dr Sika Turner & Dr Lisa Hardman
Discipline Seniors
Acute Neuropsychology Program Dr Brian Long,
Discipline Senior
Rehabilitation & Aged Care Services (RACS) Peta Prindiville
Monash Health CommunityDr Suzanne Warner,
Psychology Discipline Senior
Wellness & Recovery ProgramDr Paige Stimpson, Manager and Discipline Senior

Contact with your Monash Health Placement Coordinator

The Placement Co-ordinator will be in contact with you prior to the commencement of your placement and will provide you with the contact details for your Clinical Placement Supervisor. This is to cover all the logistics of the placement, orientation details, and follow up on what you need to complete prior to placement commencement.

Contact with Clinical Agencies

You must contact your allocated supervisor at least four weeks prior to your placement commencement date to confirm your attendance and arrange access, etc.

Clinical Placement Duration and Hours

Placement duration is typically determined through the Partnership Agreement with your University/Institution.

Most placements in psychology range from 40 to 100 days, with a minimum attendance of two days per week during placement duration.

The days of placement are negotiated prior to placement with your Clinical Placement Supervisor and the Placement Co-ordinator.

Hours are usually for 8 hours between the hours of 8:30am-5:30pm The times will be confirmed through discussions with your supervisor. Some flexibility in hours may be worked, however it is expected that each day is 8 hours in duration (with a half hour lunch break).

Whilst it is anticipated that most of the work will be conducted during placement hours, there may be occasions where students will be requested by the Clinical Placement Supervisor to do some additional learning or research in their own time to assist with the development of the core competencies as a psychologist.

Note: No patient related information is to be taken off-site under any circumstances, and any clinical presentations to the Educational Institutions requires the appropriate Monash Health consent forms to be completed.

Absence from Placement

Refer to Section 2(b) Placement hours, Attendance & Leave for further information regarding any absences.


There is no formal uniform requirement for Psychologists on placement. Psychology students are expected to wear neat and tidy clothing suitable for an office environment. See section 2(c) Dress Code and Identification for the dress code requirements.

Preparation for Clinical Placements

Please ensure you go through all the information on the Student Orientation website and complete the requirements.

Important Information on Documentation

The following information is relevant to ALL Psychology students across Monash Health. Please review and download the information relevant to you.

Monash Health requires relevant documentation, a Confidentiality Agreement and a Student Declaration to be signed from the commencement of your Placement. Further information can be found here that specifies what needs to be completed prior to commencing of your placement with Monash Health. Please ensure that you have read, agreed and provided all the information required of your, and completed the relevant credentialing requirements prior to your placement. You will be required to provide proof of these documents including your immunisation status prior to the time your placement commences.

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