Aboriginal Hospital Help

Monash Health has an array of dedicated services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients during their hospital stay.

It is important that you let your medical team know if you or your family identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander to ensure the Aboriginal Health Team can support you during your medical treatment.

Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officers

The role of an Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer is to provide cultural support and assistance to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients and their families during their inpatient stay in Monash Health. They can also assist in connecting patients to community services during discharge planning.

Monash Aboriginal Midwife Coordinator

The role of the Aboriginal Midwife Coordinator is to provide culturally safe maternity care to Aboriginal women, babies and families during the course of pregnancy as well as post-natal care.

Support offered:

  • Cultural, emotional and spiritual support to women and families.
  • Participation in pre-natal and post-natal care planning and appointments
  • Culturally safe maternal and parental education and clinical support
  • Patient advocacy and referrals to other services
  • Support in relation to appointments, birth plan and maternal and child health follow up.

Eligibility Criteria

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women or women pregnant with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander babies. The woman can be referred at any stage of pregnancy. There are no catchment or boundary restrictions.


Referrals can be made directly to our Aboriginal Midwife Coordinator.

For all enquiries please email