4. What You Need To Do Now

Required Credentialing

Student must provide the following documents to the Education Provider prior to placement.

1. National Police Record

All students are required to hold a valid National Police record. Students with a disclosable outcome such as a conviction or charge must discuss the outcome with their Education Provider prior to commencement of placement. Not all offences will result in exclusion from placement

2. Working with Children Check

All students must hold a current Working with Children Check. A disclosable offense on the Working with Children Check must be discussed with the education provider prior to placement as not all offenses will result in exclusion from placement. The Working with Children Check identification card must be brought to each clinical shift and the supervisor or educator may ask to see it.

Mandatory Training

Please complete the following training modules through the Monash Health Learning (LATTE) prior to placement.

Monash Health Learning

  1. Fire Training
  2. I-Belong
  3. Using Social Media
  4. Introduction to Health and Safety (OHS)
  5. Managing Challenging Behaviour (OVA)
  6. Hand Hygiene
  7. Unconscious Bias
  8. Infection Prevention – Transmission based precautions
  9. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness eLearning Training for Employees
  10. EMR “View Only”

Your student coordinator will inform you if you are required to complete any further modules that are relevant to your clinical placement.

Download a copy of your “Course Completion Record”

  1. Click on “Reports” on the top blue banner
  2. Click on “Learner – My Course Completions”. A list of completed courses is displayed
  3. Scroll to the end of the page and choose as “pdf”
  4. Click “Export”
  5. Save this document and provide to your coordinator/clinical educator/supervisor as requested.

Required Documents

1. Statement by Student on Clinical Placement

Patient information is strictly confidential and privacy must be maintained at all times. All students must comply with Monash Health policies and procedures, ensure Immunisation Status is documented, and provide evidence of any restrictions to their professional practice, or relevant police matters. Please complete and print a copy of the Statement by Student on Clinical Placement document. The supervisor or educator will advise students if they require a copy of the completed document. 

Statement by Student on Clinical Placement

2. Workplace Orientation Questionnaire

Safety of patients, staff and students is of utmost priority. On the first day of placement students will need to complete the Workplace Orientation Questionnaire so that they can orientate themselves to the clinical placement environment, locate emergency equipment, and know the fire and evacuation plan. Please print a copy and bring it to the first day of placement for completion. The supervisor or educator will advise students if they would like a copy of the completed document.

Workplace Orientation Questionnaire

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