Databases for Medicine

This page provides a filtered list of library databases for physicians and biomedical information.

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Access Emergency (McGraw Hill)

Access Medicine (McGraw Hill)

AMH: Aged Care Companion

  • Information tool on common illnesses and drug treatments for the elderly.

AMH: Australian Medicines Handbook

  • Advice about medicines and interactions. Search by drug name or therapeutic topic.
  • AMH user guide

Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook (AIDH)

  • Information on injectable medicines including antineoplastic and paediatric medicines.


BMJ Best Practice


  • An electronic bookshelf you can use to access the Monash Health Library’s journal collection.
  • BrowZine user guide


Clinical Key (CK)

  • Elsevier platform of eBooks, Journals and clinical support tools including guidelines and monographs.
  • ClinicalKey user guide

Clinicians Health Channel (CHC)

  • Victorian Health Department resources for public hospitals.
  • Register for an account with your Monash Health email address.


  • Clinical microbiology eBooks online for quick and easy access.

Cochrane Library (CENTRAL)

  • Collection of Cochrane databases that contain high-quality, independent evidence including reviews and RCTs.
  • Cochrane Library user guide



  • Conference Proceedings, Journal Articles-Citations/Abstracts/Systematic Reviews, Pharmacy, drug and medical device coverage.
  • Embase user guide


HealthPathways Melbourne


IBM Micromedex (Micromedex Solutions, Micromedex)

  • Evidence based drug information including the RUGDEX, POISINDEX and TRISSELs databases. The platform also provide dosage calculators.



  • Medication database providing drug information, monographs, adverse reactions and warnings / precautions.


Martindale’s Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) Checker

  • Provides information on adverse drug reactions and clinical management. Search by drug, group, ADR or body system.


  • An extensive database of peer-reviewed literature provided by the National Library of Medicine (NLM).
  • Medline user guide

MIMS Online

  • Medicine information including product information (PI), pill ID, consumer medicines information (CMI) and drug interactions.
  • MIMS user guide

Natural Medicines

  • Dietary supplements, natural medicines and complementary, alternative and integrative therapies.

NeuroBite ( formerly: PsychBite)

  • A database relating to psychological problems and issues due to acquired brain impairment (ABI).


Palliative Care Formulary

  • Specialist drugs references, clinical guides, compatibility charts and therapies for adult palliative and hospice care.

PsycINFO (APA PsycInfo)

  • Database of peer reviewed literature in the psychological, social, behavioural and health sciences
  • PsycInfo user guide

PubMed (PubMed MEDLINE)

  • Freely available database from the US National Library of Medicine (NLM).
  • PubMed user guide


Read by QxMD

  • Read by QxMD is a mobile app and email alerting service you can use to track research and journal articles as they are published
  • Read by QxMD user guide

The Renal Drug Database

  • A medication guide for renal practitioners – prescription information, drug interactions and administration.

Royal Women’s Hospital Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Medicines Guide

  • Evidence-based individual medicine monographs which support prescribing during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Stockley’s Interactions Checker

  • Information about therapeutic medicines, herbal medicines, foodstuffs, drinks, pesticides and drugs of abuse.


Therapeutic Guidelines

Thieme MedOne Neurosurgery (MedOne)

TRIP (Turning Research and Practice, Trip Medical Database)

  • A database that aggregates international clinical guidelines and evidence based synopses.

Trissels IV Compatibility

  • Information to assist with accurate IV compatibility decisions at the point of care.


UpToDate (UTD)

  • Evidence-based point of care tool for decision support with continuously updated expert opinion.
  • UpToDate user guide

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