Membership policy

Learn more about the Healthwise Fitness membership policy.

Membership types

  • Monash Health payroll system: membership fees will be deducted automatically from your pay. Full memberships are not transferable, nor refundable (ensure you check your pay slips online).
  • Non-Monash Health payroll system: payment of membership fees may be made via Direct Debit, credit card, Eftpos or cash. A minimum membership period of four weeks is required. For periods longer than four weeks, a discounted rate will apply.
  • Family & Friends Membership: membership for non-employees/contractors is possible, on the condition that an individual access card be issued (at the cost of $20.00) and presented upon entry to the facility each visit. The referring member will be held responsible for the conduct of the Family & Friend Member at all times.
  • Extended Care Membership: Members who have graduated from Monash Health rehabilitation or community education courses may pay a casual fee to attend the gym at Clayton, within specified staffed hours (off peak) and on presentation of their Extended Care Membership Card.
  • 5 Visit passes: This membership must be paid in full and must be used within 3 months of purchase. 5 visit pass holders do not have 24 hour access and must ring the bell at reception and do not have access to the Pilates class timetable. All other classes are included in this membership.
  • 10 Session Class Pass: Ideal for those that are only interested in attending group fitness sessions. Pilates Reformer classes are not included.
  • Casual session: once-off gym use is permissible, at a fee of $15.00 per session.

Membership inclusions

  • Your Healthwise Fitness membership gives you full access to the gym at Clayton.
  • Please ensure your barcode is facing upwards when placing in the card reader at the front door.
  • Allowing access to non-members is strictly prohibited and anyone in breach will have their membership revoked.
  • Children under the age of 16 years are not permitted in the gym without prior approval from Gym management.
  • All Members are required to complete and sign the appropriate forms for payment and a basic medical questionnaire.

Alterations to membership

  • Suspension/Leave: Minimum suspension term of 4 weeks is required. Forms must be signed in person. Membership will automatically re-commence on your nominated return date. If you do not notify the Healthwise Fitness of your leave, fees will continue to be deducted. We do not provide refunds/credits under these circumstances.
  • Cancellation: Two weeks’ notice is required for Payroll Deduction memberships and Direct Debit memberships need to be processed via Healthwise Fitness.
  • Change of Employment Status: Please notify Healthwise Fitness of any change to employment status that could affect your membership payment schedule.
  • We ask that you allow 2 weeks for processing and check your next pay slip after suspending, ceasing or altering your membership to ensure that fees have changed accordingly, as this is administered externally to Healthwise Fitness. Refunds will not be considered if you have not checked your pay and notified us within one month of your membership alteration.

Pilates classes (not available until February 2021)

  • Pilates Reformer classes are scheduled for fully paid up members only (Payroll Deduction, Paid in Full or Direct Debit) and bookings can be made via our online booking system every Saturday from 8am.
  • The booking system is available at
  • Members may book in for a maximum of three classes per week, and cancellations to these sessions must be made within 30 minutes of the scheduled class to allow those on the waitlist to gain a place. Those members who regularly fail to attend their bookings or cancel too late, will be locked out of the booking system for two full weeks.
  • Pilates room will be locked overnight and on weekends. Weekdays (Mon – Thurs) it is locked at 6.30pm and then opened again in the mornings at 7.30am. Friday afternoons it is locked at 2pm and re-opened first thing on Monday morning.

Safety, security and asset protection

  • Use of Healthwise Fitness’ facilities and services is done at member’s risk. If you are unsure how to use any apparatus and/or facility DO NOT USE, and ask the Healthwise Fitness staff for assistance.
  • Please ensure that the front door is closed, and that you do not allow non-members entry into the gym. If you suspect anything suspicious, report to the gym staff or contact security.
  • CCTV cameras operate 24/7, helping to ensure your safety and to secure assets. Please avoid bringing valuables into the gym if possible. Healthwise Fitness is not responsible for any personal property loss left unattended or unsecured.
  • In case of emergency phone (internal): Emergency: 999 and/or Security contact: 42139.
  • We ask that you do not exit the gym via the fire safety doors – these are alarmed and for emergencies only.
  • No bags are to be taken into the gym. Day lockers have been provided in the change rooms, free of charge, for members to secure their belongings whilst using the gym, but the locks for these will be released daily, so members are required to remove belongings by 6.15pm every evening. Any items in day lockers or pigeon holes will be removed. Permanent lockers are available at a cost – see reception desk for the latest prices.

Thank you for respecting Healthwise Fitness’ membership policy and we wish you a warm welcome from the Healthwise Fitness family.

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