Healthwise Fitness

Healthwise Fitness is for Monash Health staff, friends and family members, contractors and students. Healthwise Fitness is a department of Monash Health and are funded by membership fees being invested back into the facility.

Staff can be fully assured that State Government regulations regarding COVID-19 practices will be in place at the Clayton Healthwise Fitness centre. These may change if the Premier makes any new announces regarding gym usage, however, at the moment:

  • Gym staff need to wear masks at all times;
  • Low impact activities (Pilates, stretching and light weights) will require masks to be worn; and
  • Higher intensity activities (running, heaving weights) do not require a mask to be worn.

Monash Health is currently investigating other health, fitness and wellbeing opportunities for the Kingston and Dandenong sites, which had to be changed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthwise Fitness is convenient, affordable and friendly — we are here for you!

Access to the gym is via ID access card. Please report any unusual activity or issues to Security on 03 9594 2139.

Healthwise Fitness

Our mission statement

Healthwise Fitness is inspiring, energising and connecting our workforce at Monash Health.

Inspiring Monash Health’s workforce

  • Encouraging better health through education and prevention
  • Delivering high quality exercises programs and exercise techniques
  • Recognising the efforts of fit and healthy members
  • Management’s commitment to a fit & healthy workforce

Energising Monash Health’s workforce

  • Making movement enjoyable, refreshing and achievable
  • Making sure that members leave the gym feeling more positive and more energised
  • Develop strength, stamina and suppleness through activity for the prevention of injuries
  • Confidently accept physical challenges

Connecting Monash Health’s workforce

  • Develop a sense of belonging, feeling accepted and surrounding yourself with happy, like-minded people
  • Connecting your mind to your body and owning your healthy body
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