Employee wellbeing sessions

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Bring your team down to the gym and treat them to an organised class with one of our instructors. You may choose a Zumba class for a bit of fun and movement, or a stretch and relax session to help them unwind at a time that suits during the shift. Sessions are priced at $80.00 for the hour and $50.00 for a half hour session which can be a cost centre transfer.

What are the benefits of having a corporate fitness facility?

  • Increased employee productivity— because fit and healthy staff work with confidence in their body’s ability and are less tired.
  • When employees are happy with their work/life balance, they put in more discretionary effort to maintain their happy status.
  • Decreased absenteeism because fit workers are strong, less prone to illness and have a more positive outlook.
  • This can be proved further by a drop in Workcover claims. Fit & healthy employees relate movement to posture and core connection thereby diminishing risk of injury.
  • Provides a neutral environment where employees can connect with others and form supportive networks.

Healthwise Can Come to You

We understand how difficult it can be to motivate your team to work effectively together. A happy and connected team operate more efficiently and are often willing to put in that “little bit extra” to keep their happy work life. Healthwise Fitness would like to introduce you to some of our Workplace Programs, which are certainly not limited to the Clayton and Kingston sites. In fact, one of our key directions is to be able to provide services across all of our Monash Health Community.


Hatha Yoga is a time honoured practice which will stretch, strengthen and reduce tension throughout your whole body.


A variety of sessions to challenge you on all levels. Sessions can be held outdoors and incorporate strength training, cardio intervals and fun challenging exercises.


Treat yourself to a remedial and therapeutic massage. Great for reducing stress and assisting in finding the ultimate ‘Work/Life’ balance.

Personal Training

Personal Trainers will design programs that suit your specific needs. Each session pushes you to your limits to bring results!

Tai Chi & Meditation

A series of movements combining breath and balance. These sessions are designed to calm the mind and center the nervous system.

Stretch & Strengthen

Develop flexibility and improved range of motion with these challenging sessions. Build strength, coordination and improve general well-being.

Hi Intensity Training

Classes designed to elevate your heart rate and test your limits. These sessions explore a wide variety of exercises that will burn calories and leave you feeling invigorated.

Team Building Workshops

These sessions are designed to build trust, communication and problem-solving. A fun and effective way to bring colleagues together.

Postural Correction Sessions

These sessions focus on bringing awareness to sitting and standing postures and provide exercises for a corrective strengthening of minor muscle groups. The Core Connection program is a specific class designed to strengthen the core abdominals and back muscles.

Ageing Workforce classes are structured to work joint mobility, range of movement and functional strength.

Sampler Classes

A little bit of everything to introduce a variety of training methods.

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