Your BPT journey

Find out what you can expect as you move through your first, second and third levels of Basic Physician Training.

What to expect – BPT1, BPT2, BPT3


Our goal is to assist in the growth of physicians of the future, not just exam success. We aim to assist trainees to position themselves well for Advanced Training. The main goals of BPT1 are:

  • To learn and practice clinical medicine
  • Develop relationships with senior peers
  • Enhance your CV
  • Preparation for advanced training positions.

Download the BPT1 handbook for more details about our program.

Frequently asked questions

What is the length of my contract? 

All trainees are appointed to 12-month full-time contracts. Applicants seeking job-share, part-time or part-year BPT posts should highlight this in their application submitted.

All BPT1s and BPT2s who wish to continue into the subsequent year of training automatically have their contract renewed (although you still need to submit applications through the PMCV).

Can I access salary packaging? 

Salary packaging is available to all staff through Maxxia. You can access further information at  

Am I able to take a year off between BPT 1 and 2? 

We will support any trainee who would like to take a year off between BPT 1 and 2. There are numerous benefits to taking this opportunity. We encourage you to come and talk to the DPEs when making this decision.

You will to need consider the following when making your decision:

  • Although you will not be discriminated against when applying to return for BPT2, the number of positions is fixed therefore the opportunity to return is dependent on the number of trainees exiting BPT 1.
  • If you are successful in re-entering the program, the rotations available may be limited.

How are the annual allocation plans determined? 

The BPT Manager works closely with all trainees to provide rotations that support both individual career aspirations, broad clinical experience and personal circumstances.

You will be given an opportunity to preference clinical rotations and annual leave. The allocations also need to ensure college requirements are met which may influence what rotations are available for you.

Can we organise to swap our rotations? 

We strongly discourage swapping. Rotation options are designed to be equivalent and over two years you should be able to get a good breadth of experience. As the rotations are also designed to meet the college requirements, swapping can have a detrimental effect on your college counts.

Do I have to complete a rural rotation? 

It is a college requirement for a trainee to complete a rural rotation during their training. Therefore, all our trainees will rotate to either Latrobe Regional Hospital (Traralgon) or West Gippsland Healthcare Group (Warragul) during either their BPT2 or BPT3 year.

These rotations are General Medical Registrar positions and are supported by a DPE at both locations.

Will I do night duty? 

All BPTs at Monash Health participate in night duty across their rostered year either within rotating rosters or as a specific rotation which is usually rostered as 7 nights on and 7 nights off. As a general rule to ensure BPTs meet college requirements, nights are allocated as follows:

  • BPT 1 – 10 – 11 weeks
  • BPT 2 –  5 – 6 weeks
  • BPT 3 – 10 – 11 weeks.
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