Disability Action Plan

Get involved in Monash Health’s Disability Action Plan 2019–23.

The Disability Action Plan outlines Monash Health’s commitment to creating an inclusive environment where we embrace your disability with you.

The Disability Action Plan underpins how Monash Health will actively continue to reduce barriers, promote inclusion, change attitudes and practices, and improve outcomes for our employees, volunteers, patients and visitors with a disability.

To ensure Monash Health is best supporting those with a disability, we are currently undertaking a consultation process to inform and update the current Disability Action Plan.

Consultation program

To understand the needs of patients, visitors and the broader community who either have or support someone with a disability, Monash Health wants to listen and engage with you directly.  There will be a consultation program to inform updates made to the Disability Action Plan until 31 August 2021.

This is an opportunity for you to have your say and for Monash Health to listen and ensure the Disability Action Plan is responsive to the changing needs of those with a disability. You can participate in the consultation in several ways, including an online survey.

For those who are unable to complete the survey online, you can call (03) 9792 7597 to participate in the survey over the phone.

Monash Health will also hold focus groups and interviews for our employees and volunteers with a disability so we can discuss, listen and learn more about how we can be a safe, accessible, welcoming and inclusive health service.

If you would like to be part of a focus group or interview, please email disabilityactionplan@monashhealth.org with your name, phone number and email, and we will be in contact.