Continued Partnership with ETM Providing a “One-of-a-Kind Bespoke Course”

Monash Simulation is proud to continue our partnership with Emergency Trauma Management (ETM) Pty Ltd, delivering the second ETM Facilitator’s Course at the Monash Simulation Centre last month.

Featuring participants from across Australian and New Zealand, including the co-founder and director of ETM Dr Andy Buck, the May 2024 ETM Facilitators Course built on the pilot course in 2023.

Following a comprehensive review of the pilot, the two-day program was refined and optimised to deliver a streamlined and targeted learning experience for participants. The course provided an educational foundation in simulation debriefing, tips and tricks to assist in delivering presentations, and opportunities to practice and refine debriefing and feedback practices with ETM course participants.

Immersive scenarios with Monash Simulation faculty as embedded ETM course participants, provided opportunity for the highly skilled ETM facilitators to be debriefed on their debriefing skills. The simulation sessions provided opportunities for extensive analysis and reflection on current practices, with many “meta moments” throughout the course.

The ongoing collaboration between Monash Simulation and Dr Andy Buck from ETM demonstrates that the Monash Simulation team can deliver high quality, tailored simulation education experiences based upon learners needs.

Here’s a written testimonial from one of the course participants:

“The ETM instructor’s debriefing course was a great course to attend. Having been out of the simulation scene for a while, it was a good refresher to consolidate some of the safe principles of debriefing, cognition and learning as well as updates and advances in simulation training.

The thing that impressed me most was that while developed to meet the needs of ETM instructors, the learning goals were completely customised specifically to the group at the time, making it a one-of-a-kind bespoke course.

The learning environment felt safe and the exchange of ideas and experiences among participants was strongly encouraged which added to the value of the course. I have never attended a course where the content was so fluid and flexible yet executed at such a high standard. Ian and his team were welcoming and clearly had extensive experience in facilitating this sort of learning journey.

I highly recommend it.”

Please reach out to the Monash Simulation team at to explore partnership opportunities or navigate to our website for more information.

Dr Jonathan Devine – Intensive Care Registrar and Simulation Fellow at Monash Health