Monash Health in the Media: New sleep remedy to be trialled at Monash Health

Monash Health’s Sleep Centre Laboratory treats patients around the clock who are struggling with sleep and forms of insomnia.

As reported by Nine News, Monash Health will lead a large nationwide clinical trial with Melbourne biotech company Avecho, who have created a Cannabidiol (CBD) capsule, to see if it may be a solution for better sleep.

The clinical trial is the largest conducted worldwide to date for CBD medication in the treatment of episodic insomnia, studying insomnia sufferers with sleep disturbance lasting between 1-3 months.

The study will see 519 patients and 3 treatment groups to compare the effects between CBD and a placebo.

Taken once daily before bed, the capsule containing CBD is pharmaceutical grade and not medicinal cannabis. It is a synthetic medication chemically similar to cannabis, which mimics the calming properties of the plant.

Associate Professor Darren Mansfield, Head of the Sleep Service at Monash Health shared with Nine News that our collective sleepiness is due in part to the 24/7 demands of modern life.

“At any given time, 10% of the adult population are suffering from a persistent form of insomnia,” he said.

Insomnia sufferers who are interested in volunteering for the trial can enquire as to the trial details and eligibility criteria at:

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