Far from a stretch: How you can forge a career in Physiotherapy at Monash Health

Danny Nguyen sits in a room full of sporting equipment. He is lifting two red dumbbells with each of his hands and wears blue scrubs.

When Physiotherapist Danny Nguyen accepted a role at Monash Health, it was almost like he had come full circle. 

The Allied Health professional saw his first Physiotherapist as a teen at a Monash Health campus. 

“I had ruptured my femoral patella ligament and ended up in the outpatients’ services for Physiotherapy at Monash Health. Then I kept coming back because I played tennis when I was younger and have basically injured nearly every tendon in my body,” Danny said. 

“It was actually the reason I decided to become a Physiotherapist, as I wanted to know more about my own injuries and how to help them, and how to help other people with injuries as well.” 

Working in our Community Rehabilitation team doing rehabilitation in the home, Danny said he had been able to learn so much and expand his skillset since joining Monash Health in 2022. 

“It’s a very holistic area, and we see a wide range of different conditions, so it’s been great in terms of learning and building myself up professionally – you become very good at problem-solving for other things outside of musculoskeletal issues,” he said.

Danny Nguyen stands in a room full of sporting equipment. He wears blue scrubs, has light brown glasses, black short hair, and is smiling at the camera.

Since starting at Monash Health, Danny Nguyen has grown his clinical expertise substantially.

Physiotherapists help assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent disease, disability and injury through movement and exercise, and are experts in the human body and its movement. 

In his team, Danny said he works on rehabilitating people with many different conditions, including neurological ones. 

He said he loves being able to provide therapy for those who have difficulty accessing Physiotherapy outside their homes. 

 “It’s great to see the continuation of care after people leave the acute setting and return to their homes,” he said.

Before joining Monash Health, Danny started his journey as a Physiotherapist in private practise, mainly working with patients in a musculoskeletal setting. 

“At the private clinic, most people were fairly stable and didn’t have complex issues,” he said. 

“I’m glad I decided to move across to the public sector because I wanted to continue to build on my clinical skills, and there’s a lot more support here to do that, and I’m even able to learn from people in other disciplines.”

Danny Nguyen sits across a table from a patient. He is holding and showing her a model of a bone and joint.

Danny Nguyen is proud to be able to bring Physiotherapy services right to people’s door steps.

Having regular meetings with senior clinicians to work on professional development has been a game changer for Danny since joining Monash Health. 

“It’s been so helpful, whereas in the private space we pretty much are independent,” he said. 

“There’s a lot of support here for mental health and ensuring your colleagues are okay.” 

For any budding Physiotherapists, Danny couldn’t encourage them more to get their start in the public sector. 

“When I applied, there was a lot of self-doubt about whether I qualified for the role, but I’d recommend you trust your gut feeling and just go for it,” he said. 

“The public system is very supportive, and even if you jump into a new role, there’s always going to be relationships and networks you’ve fostered to help you achieve your goals and become the clinician you want to be.” 

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