Public car park upgrade at Monash Medical Centre

MMC Carpark

Monash Medical Centre’s public car park is undergoing a major upgrade to improve the way our patients and visitors access the site.

Early works will commence from the 7th of May, with the project expected to be complete by mid-2023. It will deliver 450 additional parking spaces with improved traffic flow, safety, lift systems, and payment options.

“This is an exciting project that ultimately will enhance the patient and visitor experience at Monash Medical Centre,” said Anna Laird, Director, Capital and Infrastructure.

“Along with the improved traffic flow delivered by the Emergency Department Redevelopment, this project will add four storeys to the existing structure to provide faster, easier parking.”

Lighting and access will be upgraded, more lifts will be installed, and the new structure will have tap-and-go paywave technology. Improved signage will help drivers navigate the structure and find their car more easily, and turning ramps will be improved to allow for wider turns.

“Crucially, we are also delivering more accessible parking spaces and improving the way people with mobility issues can use the structure and safely get from their car to Monash Medical Centre and back,” Anna said.

Some noise, loss of parking spaces during the construction stage, and changes to both internal and external wayfinding is expected during the project. Monash Health is working with our project partners to keep disruption to a minimum.