New Chief Financial Officer joins Monash Health

Rachelle Anstey stands in front of a yellow picture hanging on the wall, smiling.

We are pleased to welcome Rachelle Anstey to Monash Health in the role of Chief Financial Officer.

After success in various financial roles within the private sector, Rachelle made the move into healthcare in 2015, taking on senior positions with both Alfred Health and Peninsula Health. She has a wealth of experience leading large teams to deliver successful financial, payroll and revenue services alongside procurement and supply programs. 

Rachelle is adamant though that her job does not define her, and that despite the focus on financials, people matter to her so much more than numbers. “Being an accountant comes with certain perceptions, but for me, it’s important to do a job that is truly meaningful. I want to know that what I do has an impact and that people will really benefit from a financial decision that I have made,” Rachelle says.

Rachelle has been with Monash Health for a little over a month but has already enjoyed getting to know her wider team. She describes herself as a keen team player and gets joy from developing people and empowering them to make decisions, innovate and challenge the status quo. She also points out that being a mum to her teenage daughters, Jordan and Ashton, has taught her to become a great listener!

“I am excited to join Monash Health and feel very honoured to be part of such an amazing organisation. I watched the recent Annual General Meeting and it made me hugely proud to work here and be involved in shaping the future of our health service.”

We welcome Rachelle to Monash Health.