COVID-19 information for health professionals and GPs

Information and resources for GPs and health professionals about COVID-19.

To support our GPs during the rapidly changing pandemic, Monash Health is endeavouring to work closely with and support local GPs. This webpage will be our primary means of delivering up-to-date information to our primary health partners.

If you are a patient or visitor looking for information about COVID-19, please visit our information about coronavirus (COVID-19) page.

COVID-19 advice

Medical practitioners seeking advice about COVID-19 (outside of testing and notification procedures) can call the Victorian Department of Health on 1300 651 160 and choose the ‘Specialist Medical Advice’ option. Pending demand, you may be asked to leave a message for return phone call.

The Victorian Specialist Immunisation Services (VicSIS) network has been created to address queries, safely vaccinate under supervision and enhance adult immunisation services in Victoria. The VicSIS network provides specialist vaccination services for people who have experienced an adverse event following immunisation (AEFI) with a COVID-19 vaccine, or those who are identified as at risk of an AEFI (for example, people with a history of anaphylaxis). VicSIS can also provide specialist immunisation support, and provide a link between the key stakeholders, the Department of Health, SAEFVIC and hospital sites that form part of the network. Click here for more information.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis

Medical specialists and GPs can refer patients for Evusheld.

Evusheld is a long-acting antibody combination (tixagevimab/cilgavimab) which is used for prevention of COVID-19 in high-risk patients.

To refer patients for Evusheld administration at Monash Immunisation Service, please check that the patients meet the National Stockpile criteria.

Online referral form for Evusheld

Please complete the online form

FAQs about Evusheld and information for consumers can be found on the Department of Health Victoria website.

Early COVID-19 treatments

Although there is no cure for COVID-19, early treatments have been developed that are proving to be effective for people with COVID-19 who also have other health conditions. Click here for more information.

COVID-19 Positive Care Pathways

The COVID-19 Positive Care Pathways program provides clinical care, monitoring and support for all people who test positive for COVID-19 in the Monash Health catchment. The program ensures clients who are at risk of deteriorating are identified early and are transitioned to higher levels of care.

Webinar Recordings – Monash Health GP Update: COVID Pathways

Part 1
Overview of Monash Health Home-based COVID Care
Associate Professor Ben Rogers, Monash Health

Part 2
GP Monitoring of COVID Patients – Low Pathway
Dr Benjamin Tarsh, Central Bayside Community Health Service

Part 3
Eligibility for Sotrovimab
Dr Lydia Upjohn, Monash Health

Part 4
COVID in Pregnancy
Dr Sushena Krishnaswamy, Monash Health

Part 5
COVID-19 in children and care pathway
Dr Matthew O’Brien, Monash Health

Part 6
Facilitated by Alan Andrews, Monash Health

Updates for health professionals and GPs

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Chief Health Officer, Professor Brett Sutton sends comprehensive COVID-19 updates to clinicians and the Victorian public daily.

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COVID-19 screening clinics and testing criteria

For the latest information about Monash Health’s coronavirus screening clinics, visit the getting tested for coronavirus page.

Referrals for patients with Post COVID-19 Disease (Long COVID)

Monash Health provides a service for patients referred with post COVID-19 health problems.

All referrals will be initially triaged by an Infectious Diseases Physician and on-referred to the appropriate subspecialty service/s (where required), or into an allied health restorative care program.

Please send all referrals to:

  • If using HealthLink, generate referral for Monash Health Specialist Consulting, Infectious Diseases specialty and detail the clinical problem in the referral details box.
  • If faxing/email: Address the referral to the Head of Unit: Dr Tony Korman
    Fax: (03) 9594 2273

Further clinical guidance related to post COVID-19 condition can be found at

Monash Health GP Liaison

The Monash Health GP Liaison service is now operating from Monday to Friday.

Contact GP Liaison

Contact Maternity GP Liaison

Changes to our services


If you have a pregnant patient with suspected or confirmed coronavirus, please contact the Pregnancy Assessment Unit via the hospital switchboard for triage advice.

To minimise outpatient attendances, many women will be managed via Telehealth for the first half or more of their pregnancy. In light of this, when making pregnancy referrals to Monash Health we ask that you please:

  • perform and include a blood pressure measurement on your referral to assist with safe triage
  • offer all women the COVID-19 vaccine

Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have queries regarding maternity care during this time. More information for health professionals is available via the Health professionals page on our Monash Women’s website.

Monash Women’s website – Information for Health Professionals

Information to support health professionals provide safe, quality care via our Monash Women’s website.


For up to date information about Monash Pathology, please see the Monash Pathology homepage, or sign up to Monash Pathology’s GP Newsletter. 

Results and General enquiries

Further information

Michael Smolen – Client Relationship Manager


For up-to-date information about Monash Health Imaging, please see the Monash Health Imaging webpage.

Reports and general enquiries

Learn how to access images online with Monash Health Imaging Vue Motion.

Further information

Kristy Grossmann – Client Relationship Manager

Specialty Consulting (Outpatient Clinics) Referrals

During the current COVID-19 crisis, our hospital resources continue to be directed away from non-urgent care, and we continue to be unable to see face to face outpatient consultations except where significant harm to the patient is imminent. In these extraordinary times, Monash Health Specialty Consulting (Outpatient Clinics) continues to ask GPs not to refer non-urgent patients.

Please manage your non-urgent patients as best you can until the COVID crisis is over. The excellent resources such as HealthPathways Melbourne may be useful. Many of the Monash Health outpatients are currently being managed through telehealth or telephone consultations to minimise risk of viral spread. Monash Health is currently considering all of the ways it can provide additional support to you in caring for your patients. We thank you for your support and understanding as we manage these challenges together.

Latest COVID-19 information

As this is a rapidly changing situation, please visit the Department of Health Victoria website for the latest updates.

Visit the Department of Health Victoria website to find out more

Clinical resources and guides, case definition, pandemic plan and checklists.