MH Awards

Gender Clinic and Consumer Advisory Panel win Monash Health Award

Gender Clinic staff and consumer advisors were very excited to attend the Monash Health Awards ceremony on 23 July, especially as we won the award in the LGBTI Health category. Our application honoured the work of the Consumer Advisory Panel in transforming the service. Abstract below.

“Nothing about us, without us: Gender Clinic consumer co-design”

Monash Health Gender Clinic is the specialist public health service for adult trans, gender diverse and non-binary (TGDNB) people in Victoria. A Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP) was established in 2016 to empower consumer co-design in planning, implementation and evaluation of health interventions that influence TGDNB people’s lives. CAP has helped transform the Clinic’s clinical practice, service delivery, physical space and diagnostic framework. Results include significant improvements in service access, clinical care, education and outreach.

Images from the 2019 Monash Health Awards, held at lecture theatre 1 at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton. Copyright Monash Health. Not for use without prior written permission.