Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan charts a course for Monash Health as a leading clinical and academic centre of excellence. It provides a clear and common direction for us to work towards, detailing a five-year vision that we will bring to life through our annual quality and business improvement plans.

At the forefront of our plan is our strategic intent – to be relentless in our pursuit of excellence.

We will achieve this excellence through an unwavering commitment to our newly-established guiding principles. These principles reflect our core aspirations, beliefs, and values. They guide our approach to work, our planning and design, our decision making and our behaviour. They are the foundation upon which we will continue to evolve our services and provide our ‘true north’ when making decisions:

  • We consistently provide safe, high quality and timely care
  • We provide experiences that exceed expectations
  • We work with humility, respect, kindness and compassion in high performing teams
  • We integrate teaching, research and innovation to continuously learn and improve
  • We orientate care towards our community to optimise access, independence, and wellbeing
  • We manage our resources wisely and sustainably to provide value for our community

We have the privilege of providing healthcare to some of Victoria’s most diverse communities and disadvantaged people. The nature of our community’s health needs is rapidly evolving, as are the expectations of the people who access our services. Our Strategic Plan will underpin our work as we continue to develop a well-coordinated system of care that provides improved access and teaching, research and innovation are essential parts of this work.