One important way that consumer advisors are involved at Monash Health is through our Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is an advisory committee to the Monash Health Board of Directors and works to provide leadership to Monash Health to integrate consumer, carer and community views into all levels of strategy, operations, planning and policy development. It also provides advice to the Monash Health Board of Directors on priority areas and issues from a consumer, carer and community perspective. These areas and issues may be identified by the Board of Directors or by the CAC members.

The CAC responsibilities and membership are outlined in the Committee Terms of Reference and Member Code of Conduct. There is a position description which provides more detail about what being a member of the CAC entails. CAC members are unpaid volunteers.

All applications to the CAC are considered on a case-by-case basis through a formal interview process. Consumer advisors who are already on the consumer advisor register are welcome to apply. Applicants who are not already on the register will need to join the consumer advisor register if they are successful.

Those interested need to complete the application form below and contact the Manager, Consumer Partnerships to discuss their application.

Document downloads

Community Advisory Committee – Application form

Community Advisory Committee – Position Description (May 2017)

Community Advisory Committee – Code of Conduct (May 2017)

Community Advisory Committee – Terms of Reference (May 2017)


Manager, Consumer Partnerships
Phone: 9594 4023