Challenge 2019


Boost your health and wellbeing by forming a team and joining the Walking/Activity Challenge this year. 

The Walking/Activity Challenge is a fun way to bond with colleagues, keep active with family and friends, and engage in a little healthy competition for those so inclined.

The concept is that individuals and teams use their own activity tracker to track the number of steps they take during the Challenge, which runs from 18 September to 12 November. If you don't have a tracker we can provide you with one. 

Keeping active is not only great for our physical wellbeing but also our mental wellbeing. Have you noticed that going for a swim, dancing or playing a game of tennis makes you feel great? There’s a strong link between exercise and improved mood, in part due to the release of ‘feel good’ chemicals such as endorphins. 

This is the twelfth year of the Walking/Activity Challenge and it would be great to get as many people involved as possible. Teams are made up of four, five or six participants and you can even ask family and friends to join your team.


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Your team gets to assemble its own virtual course and travel to your own preferred destinations.  

$15 - if you have your own device 

To join the challenge, complete the form provided and our Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Gaynor Henderson will contact you via email with your Walking/Activity Challenge registration pack. 

If you need to contact Gaynor directly, please use the details below.

Gaynor Henderson 
Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Monash Health
Phone: 9265 2703 
For more information on Monash Health's employee health and wellbeing program, click here.

Go to teamchallenge.co to learn more about these activities


You get to build your own avatar. 

When your team reaches each destination, you get to see a video of your team’s avatars exploring that destination. 

If you carry out an activity and do not wish to wear your step device, or cannot use it (eg. swimming), you can choose from a variety of activities, enter the requested information and that activity will be converted to steps.

There is a licence cost per participant to access/utilise the challenge website. The $15 staff contribution partly funds that cost, the rest is subsidised by Monash Health, which also helps fund the prizes (along with partner organisations) throughout the challenge. The contribution from staff allows us to open up the challenge to as many people as possible.

$25 - if you require a device