Sandringham Hospital midwives delivering for the community and each other

Five midwives in scrubs sitting on a park bench holding their children.

At Sandringham Hospital, Monash Health midwives are growing their families as well as building rewarding careers. 

Last week, midwife Macy Fisher gave birth at the hospital. 

Her newborn son Harley, a little brother for her 20-month-old daughter Stevie, who was also born at Sandringham. 

“I would not want to be anywhere else. For me, I just want to be looked after by the best team of midwives, people I trust,” said Macy.

Midwife Macy Fisher holding her daughter on her hip and cradling her baby bump with one hand.

Midwife Macy Fisher with her daughter, Stevie

When Clinical Midwife Specialist Elly Emmerson gave birth to her boys – three-year-old Mason and 16-month-old Spencer – midwife and friend Celeste Bryson was present. 

Later, Celeste chose to have her girls – two-year-old Bonnie and three-month-old Maeve – at Sandringham too. 

“Everyone here is so lovely. It just feels like delivering with my family,” said Celeste.

Midwives Elly Emmerson and Celeste Bryson stand side-by-side in a garden with their children

Midwives Elly Emmerson and Celeste Bryson

Six-months ago Clinical Midwife Specialist Bridget Corcoran gave birth to daughter Blake at the hospital. 

“I have worked at Sandy pretty much my whole time as a midwife,” she said. 

“I just really wanted to give birth in my local like community around all my friends.”

Bridget Corcoran sitting on a blanket on the grass holding her daughter Blake

Midwife Bridget Corcoran with her daughter

With so many little ones, out-of-hours catchups have become play dates. 

“We have got our own little mother’s group now which is really nice and great support for each other,” said Elly. 

“We catch up a lot. Just picnic dates, walks along the beach. Trying to juggle the toddler life!” said Celeste. 

“To see everyone’s kids at different ages and watch them play together it is really nice,” said Macy. 

Midwife Sarah Carroll smiling at her son, Harvey, who is grinning in her arms.

Midwife Sarah Carroll with her son Harvey

Following the birth of her first child, Harvey, at Sandringham Hospital seven-months ago midwife Sarah Carroll is looking forward to returning to work. 

“I feel really excited about coming back. I love my job,” she said. 

As part of her role, Sarah teaches childbirth education and going forward she expects to draw on her experience as a first-time mum. 

“I am sure I will have a different perspective now. I can probably come in with a few anecdotes for my classes, which I am really looking forward to,” she said.

Fay Presbury with Macy and Stevie Fisher huddled on a garden bench

Fay Presbury with Macy and Stevie Fisher

For Fay Presbury, Maternity Manager at Monash Health Women’s Sandringham Hospital, it is fulfilling watching the midwives grow in their personal and professional lives. 

“Whenever a midwife has their baby at Sandringham it just reinforces the care that we give,” said Fay. 

“And 95% of the women who have been on maternity leave at Sandringham come back to work at Sandringham. If we provide flexibility for them, they will come and work for us.”