Community Rehabilitation Centres

Community Rehabilitation Exclusion Criteria

  • Client lives outside the Southern Health catchment (Access & Intake can advise) and is not willing to travel to the centre based service
    • The home based service can only visit client living in the Southern Health catchment
  • Medically the client is not stable or ready to participate in Rehabilitation, this includes clients who are unable to participate in rehabilitation due to acute mental health issues or severe cognitive impairment
  • Community Rehabilitation does not provide primary rehab for mental health, drug or alcohol dependencies
  • Client has no goals amenable to rehabilitation, either as a result of an acute illness, or surgery or where a chronic condition has manifested acute changes
  • With the assistance that is usually available to the client, he or she is unable to:
    • enter/exit the home safely (i.e.: client is independent if living alone)
    • safely mobilise and transfer
    • safely manage personal care with the assistance of one person
    • manage any cognitive limitations in relation to community living
  • Where a client is being discharged from an inpatient facility the referrer is responsible for planning and implementing a safe discharge for the client including an OT home assessment where this is indicated
  • Where the service cannot be provided with due reference to the worker’s safety either through client/ carer behaviour or the environment
  • Referrals that require discussion with program manager or delegate:
    • Client with nasogastric tubes, PEG feeds
    • Client is NWB
    • Referral source requesting specific level of intervention / frequency of treatment
    • Client with severe cognitive impairment where goals focus on carer education / support


Community Rehabilitation Centres Locations


1 Tarella Road
Clayton VIC 3168

T: 03 9594 7630
F: 03 9594 7631


135 David Street
Dandenong VIC 3175

T: 03 9554 8270
F: 03 9794 0610


55 Buckingham Avenue
Springvale  VIC 3171

T: 03 8558 9158
F: 03 855 89011

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