Acute Rehabilitation Programs

Outpatient Rehabilitation provides a service to people with potential to improve their capacity to live work and play independently in the community.  The focus of the rehabilitation program is predominantly on patients in a younger and working age group with neurological and orthopaedic conditions where the patient has extended goals.

The service provides specialty programs (at the Kingston site only) in:

  • Paediatrics
  • Friedrich’s Ataxia
  • Pain

Geographical Area

The service has no geographical boundaries but clients need to be able to have their own means of transport to attend the service.


Equipment required will need to be funded either by the person or through Victorian Aids & Equipment Program


  • Previously high functioning and independent patients, living in the community, with potential to significantly improve their functioning to a higher level, is the main criteria
  • The focus of the rehabilitation program is predominantly on patients in a younger age and working age group.
  • Patients should generally have multidisciplinary rehabilitation goals.  Consideration may be given to referrals for specific disciplines e.g. speech pathology, where an intensive rehabilitation approach is required and the service is not available elsewhere.
  • Able to arrange own, or have access to, transport to attend the service
  • Willing to and capable of participating in an intensive program (e.g. up to 5 days per week of multiple disciplines)

Contact Details

Dandenong Hospital, David Street, Dandenong 3175


Kingston Centre, Warrigal Road, Cheltenham

Monday to Friday. 8.30am to 5.00pm

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