Primary Care:

Monash Health Refugee Health and Wellbeing is a specialist refugee health service and does not intend to replicate the universal service that community GP’s and others provide. Rather, this service is designed to provide intensive medical, nursing and allied health services, for refugees or asylum seekers with complex medical conditions and/or social/ emotional concerns. Clients referred to this service require comprehensive medical assessment/intervention and/ or refugee health nurse support, and benefit from an integrated multi-disciplinary intervention.

The service prioritises those clients with complex health needs but also accepts referrals for clients identified as particularly vulnerable for example those without access to Medicare. This service aims to support clients during a period of intensive need, transitioning clients to community GP’s when and where appropriate.

Services include:

  • Health assessment and intervention
  • Refugee health nurse services/ support
  • Complex case management
  • Allied health services for adults and children for example; counselling, physiotherapy, developmental assessments.
  • Immunization
  • Women’s health
  • Anti-natal, postnatal and parenting support

Appropriate referrals:

  • Clients with complex medical needs who would benefit from an integrated, multidisciplinary model
  • Those who have clients who are being treated for active TB, latent TB or have been exposed to TB and require ongoing monitoring
  • Clients with significant mental health issues for example; history of self-harm/suicide attempts, previous psychiatric care, psychosis etc.
  • Pregnant women or new mothers
  • Families, particularly those with children under 5 years
  • Clients without Medicare access
  • Clients with “other” significant vulnerability

Other services:

Social inclusion / employment / education

  • Soccer, cricket
  • Women’s groups
  • Volunteering and meaningful engagement activities
  • Health literacy and education

Refugee Health Nurse Liaison:

This service is available to support clients requiring hospital based services.  Contacting the Refugee Health Nurse Liaison may be of benefit when referring a patient to Emergency Department (ED), if a client has been admitted and requires inpatient follow up or if discharge information regarding client management /discharge planning is required.