Our Service:

Monash Health Refugee Health and Wellbeing service provides comprehensive primary care services together with tertiary services including infectious diseases, paediatrics and psychiatry. These services are all conveniently collocated at 122 Thomas Street, Dandenong; providing holistic care for some of the communities most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

A Refugee Health Nurse on Triage service is also available daily to support local agencies in determining where to refer clients and how to make an appropriate referral.

Adding to this suite of services is the Refugee Health Nurse Liaison at Dandenong Hospital. This service aims to enhance access, quality of care and care coordination for refugees and asylum seekers within the acute sector, whilst at the same time improving the interface between hospital services, primary care and other providers. Monash Health community based services engage extensively with this hospital based service together with Monash Health Services more broadly.

Monash Health Refugee Health and Wellbeing is committed to building regional capacity to respond to the needs of refugees and is funded to employ a Refugee Health Fellow for the South East of Melbourne.  The Fellow is pivotal to the regions capacity building activity and is available to support organisations/ providers in meeting learning and development needs.

True to its purpose of ” surviving to thriving”, MRH&W is committed to addressing the determinants of health; recognising that health is so much more than the absence of disease. As such, the service provides a range of innovative social inclusion activities which aim to build community whilst also promoting health and wellbeing and health literacy. These activities acknowledge that meaningful connection and purpose is integral to recovery and is thereby fundamental in supporting the transition of refugees and asylum seekers from pre-migration/migration survival, to becoming capable, contributing thriving members of our community.