The Pain Service is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary outpatient service providing education, comprehensive assessment, intervention and rehabilitation to patients with a diagnosis of persistent (chronic) pain > 3 months duration.

Services we offer

Patients initially attend a pre-clinic education (PACE) day prior to medical consultation. This involves a 5 hour education session covering the neuro-physiology of pain, psychology and pain, a medical perspective on pain management, and active self-management strategies. The information is presented by a pain service Doctor, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, and Occupational Therapist.

Pain clinic consultations

  • Consultations are with Pain Medicine Specialists, Anaethetists, Rehabilitation Physicians and Geriatricians (specialising in pain management)
  • Multi-disciplinary input from Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Dietetics, and/or Social Work

Pain management program – for further information click here

  • 8 week cognitive behavioural based program
  • Group program
  • Services include gym-based exercise, hydrotherapy, relaxation, mindfulness, Tai-Chi, and pain education
  • Program runs on a Monday and Thursday afternoon

Eligibility Criteria

No geographical boundaries, but clients must have their own means of transport to attend at Kingston. TAC and Work Cover clients not accepted.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Pelvic pain (unless referred from Pelvic Pain clinic)
  • Patients requiring Ambulance transport


No cost for consultation. Some costs may incur for medication or equipment hire.

Referral requirements

Every referral to Pain Management must include the following:

  • Medical (or APS Nurse) referral stating current and previous medical condition(s) and reason for referral OR fully completed MRI01
  • Current medication list/GP summary
  • Results of recent/relevant investigation(s)

Failure to include the information specified results in the referrer being notified and referral process being held up for 30 days until all supporting documentation is received. Failure to receive all documentation required will result in the referral being rejected.

Document downloads

Patient Questionnaire (ePPOC)

Chronic Pain

Helpful Outcome Measures for Chronic Pain

Readiness for Change in People with Chronic Pain
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