This program provides specialist occupational therapy driving assessments for clients with any physical, psychiatric, Neurological, Cognitive, Congenital, or Age Related impairments disability to determine safety to continue or resume driving with or without modifications.


  • Comprehensive off-road assessment utilising the OT-DORA (Occupational Therapy Driver Off Road Assessment Battery)
  • On-road as determined by client and off-road assessment results
  • Lessons and follow up as necessary
  • SWEP- VMSS (State-wide Equipment Program – Vehicle Modification Subsidy Scheme) applications for driver modifications


  • Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment – $180 ($100 – Occupational Therapy component, $80 – Driver instructor component)
  • Off Road – $50, On Road – $50, OT Component – $80 for the driving instructor
  • Lessons, if required are $52 for 45minutes from clients home.  A payment plan can be arranged with the finance office if required for the Occupational Therapy component

Eligibility Criteria

Occupational Therapy Driving Assessments are available to driver licence holders or applicants (e.g. Learner drivers) who have a longstanding (greater than 3 months) disability or illness which may impact upon safe driving skills. This includes clients of Monash Health and affiliated services within the network.

Referral Requirements

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