Location – Monash Medical Centre Clayton. Level 3, Block E. Next to ward 34 south. Enter from the main hospital entrance or via the rear of the premises, via Wright Street.

Haemodialysis is a procedure used to maintain a patient with end stage renal failure by using an artificial kidney machine (dialysis machine) to replace the excretory function of the failed kidneys. Blood from the patient is pumped from the body through special tubing to the dialysis machine, where it travels through the dialyser, cleaned then returned to the patient.

The unit is an acute eight chair facility with an additional two chairs located in a separate isolation room where patients who have been diagnosed with VRE, (vancomycin resistant enterococci), dialyse.

The unit provides acute healthcare needs for a wide range of patient conditions including:

  • Emergency admissions
  • New dialysis patients to stabilise their health prior to being transferred to one of two home dialysis options or a satellite haemodialysis unit for ongoing maintenance haemodialysis
  • Patients diagnosed with VRE
  • Inpatients requiring dialysis, including patients from 34 South and elsewhere within the hospital
  • Patients transferred from any satellite unit in Victoria due to acuity or complications
  • New transplant patients can require dialysis post transplant surgery
  • Haemodialysis patients with multiple myeloma (cancer of the plasma cells in bone marrow), require the use of a specialised high-cut off membrane on the dialysis machine to  aid cancer treatment
  • Plasma exchange to remove antibodies is required for new transplant recipients who have experienced rejection, as well as for a range of other nephrological conditions. In addition, several non-nephrological conditions are managed with plasma exchange (e.g. Guillain-Barre syndrome, Refsum’s disease)
  • Patients on peritoneal dialysis can require a temporary transfer to haemodialysis.


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