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Call: 9554 8010  9:00am to 3:00pm Mon – Fri excluding Public Holidays

Monash Watch aims to keep some of our most vulnerable patients,
especially those with complex chronic health issues, healthier at home. This
will reduce avoidable hospitalisations and visits to the Emergency Department.

Each small Monash Watch team is located in the local area it services.
MonashWatch works together with the patient, their local GP, local council
services, community health services and the hospital to make the patient’s
healthcare experience simpler, easier and faster. Monash Watch provides help and
support to manage these patients.

MonashWatch stays in regular contact with patients (2-5 times /week).
Should their health begin to deteriorate, we will help patients get the right
care quickly and easily. Patients are encouraged to contact MonashWatch if
their health is deteriorating or they require help/support

MonashWatch helps by:

  • Offering alternatives to in hospital care
  • Smoothing discharge back home
  • Supporting patients to manage their health
  • better at home
  • Providing integrated seamless care within and
  • across the hospital and community care sectors
  • Linking with local support services

Who is eligible?

At this stage eligibility is via Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) identification only. There is no entry by referral. Patients at risk (>18 years old) are identified by MonashWatch using the DHHS Healthlinks: Chronic Care computer search algorithm. Patient must reside within the Monash Health catchment.

The MonashWatch service is initially being piloted in a defined geographical
area comprised of 3 suburbs – Dandenong, Doveton and Noble Park.

How do patients get into MonashWatch?

Induction will take place either in the community or during a hospital admission

What does it cost?

The MonashWatch service is completely free of charge to you.
Occasionally MonashWatch may offer to arrange other services that do charge a
fee; we will advise you if this is the case and it’s always your choice if you
wish to proceed..

Further Information

MonashWatch Brochure for GPs


Call: Dandenong Zone – 9554 8010 – hours of contact 9:00am to 3:00pm

Days of operation: Monday to Friday except public holidays