The department is now one of the largest respiratory and sleep medicine centres in Australia. It is well recognised for the very high standard of clinical care it provides and for excellence in clinical and laboratory research. At present the department employs 86 staff.

The Department aims to be a leader in the delivery of high quality tertiary care to improve health outcomes for children and adults with respiratory diseases and sleep disorders.

There are a variety of clinical services on offer:
General Respiratory
General Sleep
Lung Cancer
Unusual Radiological Findings
Laryngeal Clinic (Vocal Cord Dysfunction)
Bronchoscopy Clinic (referral download at bottom of page)

There is also a large private practice servicing both adult and paediatric patients.

In addition, the department provides a wide range of diagnostic services, including Lung Function Tests, Oxygen Clinic, and Sleep Studies.

We value and foster a research culture to ensure that the Department remains at the cutting edge of respiratory science.

We place a high priority on the professionalism and ongoing development of our staff.


Document downloads

Bronchoscopy Referral Form PDF Document