In 2007-08, almost 235,000 diagnostic imaging examinations were conducted across the four Monash Health sites. The total number of diagnostic imaging examinations delivered across Monash Health has grown by over 26% in the four year period 2004-05 to 2007-08.


The Organisational Innovation Program has undertaken a review of capacity and demand in diagnostic imaging at the Dandenong Hospital site. The scope includes the point at which a referral is made to Monash Imaging to the point at which the report is received by the referrer. This includes patients from emergency department, inpatient wards and the outpatient services at Dandenong Hospital.
Activities performed include:

  • process mapping of the referral pathways
  • audit of the delivery of the diagnostic imaging requests
  • staff and patient tracking
  • issues prioritisation by voting of issues with ‘dot mocrocy’
Areas prioritised for improvement are:
  • Delivery of the request for Emergency Department and Inpatient requests
  • Patient preparation and ward communication with appointment availability and criteria for urgency
  • Completion of the request forms with a defined process for incomplete forms
Further steps are to include:
  • solution design by the stakeholders
  • implementation of change in the prioritised areas
  • sustaining change overtime with measurable benefits