The First Steps

Did you Know?

Access to specialist assessments is also available privately. For more detail check out our List of Private Providers.

If you are interested in attending the Gender Clinic please first read the Info Pack then provide the following:

  • a referral from a medical practitioner, such as a GP or medical specialist


You can email us or send by post or fax:

Gender Clinic
352 South Road, Hampton East Victoria 3188

Phone: (03) 9556 5216               Fax: (03) 95565256

Gender Incongruence and Gender Dysphoria are internationally recognised medical conditions, for which patients are entitled to seek treatment, however not all medical practitioners have experience with servicing the trans and gender diverse community and may not be aware of what is needed. If you are worried that your GP will not refer you, please remember you can ask for a second opinion from another GP or contact us and we can guide you to GP’s in your area.

At Gender Clinic we know that being able to choose a service provider is important for some clients. Therefore minimising the barriers to accessing trans affirmative care is an important goal of Gender Clinic. If you want to consider these alternative pathways, you can find a list of private providers in the Service Providers section of the Australian Professional Association for Trans Health main page or alternatively you can check our our List of Private Providers. Please note that you can remain on the Gender Clinic waiting list whilst seeing private providers.

I have sent my referral now what?

Gender Clinic’s administrative staff will send you a letter outlining the current wait time. In response to the high demand from our service Gender Clinic’s social worker may call you while you wait. However, if you do not wish to be contacted by our social worker please let us know.

If your want to know your position on the waiting list, contact administrative staff via email to with: Surname, Date of Birth and Medicare Number.

Gender Clinic strives to provide an accessible service for all our clients, prior to your first appointment please let us know about any special requirements. We can account for additional needs such as a carer/support person attending, disabled parking access, or a sensory room. Telehealth appointments are also available if you have difficulties attending in person.

Check out our Questions page for commonly asked questions and please contact the clinic Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm to know more. If you are interested in a support group or connecting with the community please see our Resources For You page