The Monash Health Community Continence Service is a specialist service with a multidisciplinary approach to the management and treatment of bladder and bowel issues including continence issues, frequency, urgency, retention or constipation and pelvic organ prolapse. The continence team consists of geriatricians, continence nurse consultants, physiotherapists and a dietician.

Eligible area

    • Monash Health catchment area.which includes the Cities of Bayside, Kingston, Dandenong, Greater Dandenong, Casey, Cardinia and parts of Knox
    • Clients must have a suspected or confirmed bladder, bowel or pelvic floor issue
    • Clinic appointments require own transport
    • Nursing appointments are both clinic based and home based. Home based appointments are within the Monash Health catchment areas and must be to address goals specific to the home environment. (NB: Medical, Physiotherapy and Dietetics appointments are clinic only)


No charge

Clinic Locations

Specialist Clinics Consulting Suites
Kingston Centre
Warrigal Road, Cheltenham 3192
T: 9265 1411

Monash Health Community
122 Thomas Street, Dandenong 3175
T: 7928100


Medical Referrals

      • GP or Specialist letter of referral
      • Full medical history, including urological, gynaecological and gastroenterological investigations
      • List of all medications (including times and doses)

 Allied Health or Nursing Referrals

      • Reason for referral including client goals
      • Full medical history
      • List of medications (including times and doses)
      • Contact details for GP


Self- referrals are accepted