Language Services is focused on facilitating communication between staff and patients whose preferred language of communication is not English or their primary mode of communication is Auslan / Australian Sign Language.

Services Offered

  • Interpreting – On-site
  • Interpreting – Telephone
  • Interpreting – Auslan
  • Translation
  • Training – Working with Interpreters
  • Training – Cultural Awareness

Interpreter services are free of charge. Patients who have difficulties communicating in English are entitled to a professional interpreter.   It is against Monash Health policy and not appropriate for children under 18 years to act as an interpreter for a family member.

Our interpreters are accredited by NAATI Level 3 (the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) and provide independent, unbiased, confidential, complete and accurate interpreting for both parties.  

It is important to have an interpreter particularly when:  

  • a patient does not understand what staff are saying  
  • a patient does not understand anything they are required to sign  
  • it would be easier to communicate with staff in a patient′s native language  

It is a patient′s responsibility to let staff know if you they are unable to attend an appointment, in case an interpreter has been booked.  

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