Monash Health believes that improving health outcomes can only be achieved by working in partnership with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, providing opportunities and promoting and building mutual respect.  This is embedded through the Monash Health Strategic Planning priority and meeting the requirements of Koolin Balit.

Aboriginal community and improving their health outcomes is supported right across Monash Health through our governance structures, including policy and procedure, through inpatient care, community health services and workforce planning.

Monash Health has developed and implemented a Reconciliation Action Plan in partnership with the Aboriginal community and has signed the Statement of Intent to Close the health Gap.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Monash Health has developed a Reconciliation Action Plan that aligns with the Monash Health Strategic Plan and also provides a practical framework that reflects the core principles for reconciliation which are:

  • Build relationships
  • Promote Mutual respect
  • Provide opportunities

Aboriginal Health Services

Monash Health delivers services across all sites and in partnership with community services including: