Pain Management Program

Learn more about our pain management program below.

What is the Pain Management Program (PMP)?

This PMP is an interdisciplinary group program to help you to:

  • Optimise your pain experience
  • Guide you with ways to self-manage your persistent pain
  • Assist you to function adequately

Who can attend?

Any patient who has persistent pain problems

Important information

  • You will need a referral to the Pain Service from your doctor
  • You will need to attend the pre-clinic education day and indicate your interest in the PMP
  • You will also need to be assessed by the medical and allied health team to ascertain your suitability for the PMP

What are the aims of the PMP?

The program consists of exercise, hydrotherapy, pain and active self management education, goal setting, and skill training sessions that aim to:
  • Reduce the impact of persistent pain of your daily life
  • Promote self-management of persistent pain through guided skills
  • Improve your function through graded exercise and lifestyle change
  • Improve your understanding of persistent pain through education sessions

How much time is involved?

The program runs over two half days each week for eight weeks.  Attendance is required at all sessions to have maximum gains from the program.

We have other services:

  • Support Group sessions called ‘Cuppa and Chat’ (monthly)
  • Relaxation/Mindfulness sessions
  • Other group programs with a component of exercise and education
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