Pain Management Pre-clinic information (PACE)

Learn more about our Pre-Clinic Education sessions below.

What is Pre-Clinic Education (known as PACE)?

This pre-clinic education is an information session to help you to:
  • Understand your persistent pain (chronic pain) experience
  • Provide you with information on what services we can provide to support you

Who can attend?

Any patient who has persistent pain problems

Important information!

  • You will need a referral to the Pain Program from your doctor to attend PACE
  • You will also need to complete a questionnaire before attending PACE which we will send to you

What are the aims of the education session?

These pre-clinic education sessions provides:
  • Current information on persistent pain mechanisms
  • Current information on treatments for persistent pain
  • Insight into the self-management principles
  • Information on the various treatment options available through the pain service and the opportunity to select the preferred option

You will receive course notes which will assist you to track your condition and maintain daily activity. You will also receive a pain diary to track your progress.

How much time is involved?

The education sessions are over two mornings in a week, for up to two and half hours.

Attendance is required at both sessions.

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