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Monash Newborn Transition to Specialty Practice (TSP)

The Transition to Specialty Practice (TSP) Program (Monash Newborn) is a twelve month program designed to provide participants with the theoretical and practical foundations to work competently and effectively, as a neonatal nurse, caring for surgical and medical patients in both neonatal special care and intensive care. The first 13 weeks will give you the theoretical underpinning of neonatal special care. During this time you will complete the clinical and theoretical requirements to be able to apply for 30 credit points, with La Trobe University, towards the Post Graduate Certificate / Diploma in Neonatal Nursing.

Monash Newborn has units across Clayton, Dandenong and Casey. During the twelve months you will cover specific topics tailored to your work site. Clayton is a 56 bed neonatal unit, mixed medical and surgical, compromising as 28 intensive care cots and 28 special care cots; therefore the program will extend your capability to work as a safe practitioner within the Neonatal Intensive Care. The Special Care Nursery at Casey Hospital comprises of 18 purpose built special care cots whilst Dandenong is a smaller unit with 6-8 cots. The focus in these units is to enable you to provide family centred holistic care for unwell neonates and their families. The program will enable you to be able to manage the deteriorating neonate and stabilise a complex neonate awaiting transfer.

The topics covered include; transition to extra-uterine life, neonatal resuscitation, top-toe assessment , thermoregulation, respiratory disorders, haematology (hyperbilirubinemia, anaemia, polycythaemia), sepsis, nutrition, breastfeeding and lactation, glucose disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, neonatal abstinence syndrome, developmental care, pain management, discharge planning , non-invasive and invasive ventilation.

During the TSP you will receive theoretical learning packages, study days, tutorials and clinical support which will enable you to become a competent neonatal nurse across the special care and the intensive care unit (if at Clayton).

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