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  • BMS-790052 (Hepatitis C-HIV coinfection)


The two-edged sword: vasculitis associated with HIV and Hepatitis C coinfection.
Ojaimi S, Lin MW, Singh KP, Woolley I
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The role of natural killer cells in hepatitis C infection.
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Toll-Like Receptors in Hepatitis C Infection: Implications for Pathogenesis and Treatment.
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Toll-Like Receptor 3 and 7/8 Function Is Impaired in Hepatitis C Rapid Fibrosis Progression Postliver Transplantation.
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Acute allograft rejection in human liver transplant recipients is associated with signaling through toll-like receptor 4.
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Hepatic TLR2 & TLR4 expression correlates with hepatic inflammation and TNF-α in HCV & HCV/HIV infection.
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