Needle and syringe program

The needle and syringe program promotes safe injecting drug use, reducing the risk of HIV, hepatitis B and C, and supports the safe disposal of used needles and syringes.

This service is committed to providing a confidential, non judgemental and accessible service.


  • All clients at risk of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and or hepatitis C through injecting drug use.

Waiting List

  • Not applicable


All referrals can be made through our information and appointment service:

  • 9794 0790 Dandenong Needle and Syringe Prorgam
  • 8768 5147 Doveton, Cranbourne, Berwick, Pakenham and Cockatoo
  • 8558 9080 Springvale and Dandenong


  • Free
  • Sterile water available from Doveton site for 30 cents.
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