Home Care Packages

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What are Home Care Packages?

As we get older, looking after ourselves at home can become a challenge. Getting help with things like cleaning, meal preparation or attending appointments might mean we can continue to live securely in our own homes for longer.

Home Care Packages are a co-ordinated package of services which are tailored to meet client’s specific care needs so that they can continue to live at home.

How does Monash Health deliver Home Care Packages?

Monash Health Home Care Packages are delivered by our experienced, dedicated and highly trained staff who offer high quality care and service. As part of the Australian Government’s Living Longer Living Better aged care reforms, every Home Care Package delivered in Australia will be provided under a Consumer directed care format. Monash Health is excited about the changes because they mean more choice, better service, for our clients.

Consumer directed care means that Monash Health will partner with clients to make sure that they receive the care they want, the way they want it. Clients will have more control over who will deliver the services and when they are delivered. Clients will also be able to choose whether they prefer to have fully supported or partially supported Care Coordination

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