Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary Peer Support Groups

Gender Clinic Resources for Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary Peer Support Groups.

Aleph Melbourne – Gender Support

Aleph Melbourne offers a safe and inclusive environment for people in the Jewish community who are gender diverse. If you are transgender, gender-fluid, gender questioning, gender neutral or gender queer, then you are welcome here. If you need to speak with someone who has undergone gender transition, or want to find out more about gender identity, gender expression, non-binary gender, or a related issue, we have a gender support team available for you to contact.

Alphabet Soup Westgarth

Alphabet Soup in Westgarth has a special place in the heart of the Melbourne trans and gender diverse community. It’s been there for years. Relaxed. Inclusive. Welcoming. Constant. We know we can bring family, friends and allies, and they will be welcomed with the same warmth as anyone else. It goes beyond virtual networks, and brings real people together for companionship and support. Monthly events (dinner), are held on the third Tuesday of each month in Westgarth.

Alphabet at the Sycamore Tree Cafe

In a first for Australia, the trans and gender diverse community operate and staff a cafe for three hours from 1pm to 4pm on the first Saturday of every month. Located at the Sycamore Tree Cafe in Heidelberg, members of our community, partners, friends and family can enjoy coffee, tea and cake. Come and be an active part of your community. Volunteers are welcome.

Alphabet Soup Stawell and Horsham

Alphabet Soup runs monthly gatherings for the LGBTIQ community in both Stawell and Horsham. They are inclusive of the trans, gender diverse and non-binary communities, as well as friends, families and allies. Notices of forthcoming events are posted in the Alphabet Soup Grampians Facebook page

Australian Non-Binary Community

This Facebook group has a moderator from every State of Australia who can provide support.  Darcy Lovely is organising meetups in Melbourne and will post the events in this group and other non-binary groups. If a non-binary person needs assistance, such as a first contact or to be able to ask questions, they can contact Darcy through their Facebook.

Gender Diverse Peer Support

Peer support group for trans, gender diverse and non-binary people hosting regular meet ups across Melbourne for people to try new things, meet new people and have fun together.

Gender Diversity Australasia (GenDA)

Gender Diversity Australia is a peer facilitated social hub for gender diverse people living in Australia. The GenDA Facebook group is one of the most active gender community discussion groups in Australia with hundreds of members. Group members organise social gatherings, offer peer support and advice on treatment options, counsellors, GP clinics, therapists, hair removal, etc.

Genderqueer Australia

A news, information and events site for people identifying as genderqueer.

Non-Binary Gender Pride

This is an online peer support group on Facebook that has over 6000 members worldwide.  It is a safe space to ask questions, express your gender and share positive and general experiences related to being non-binary.

Non-Binary Pregnancy and Parenting Group

This is an online peer support group for assigned female at birth trans and/or non-binary parents.  It exists so that non-binary parents can share their journeys and ask questions.  Topics can include; becoming pregnant, surrogacy, chest-feeding and exploring alternative names for non-binary parents besides mum or dad.  It has over 300 members world-wide and is a friendly and supportive space.


Koorie, gay and transgender Sistergirls support group. Outblack caters to Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islander gay and transgender Sistergirls living in Victoria.

Rainbow Families Victoria

Rainbow Families a volunteer community organisation based in Victoria, Australia. They support and promote equality for ‘rainbow’ families (parents and prospective parents who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, transgender or intersex, and their children).

Seahorse Victoria

Seahorse Victoria Inc was formed in 1975 as a support and social group for the Victorian transgender community and is the longest running organisation of its type in Australia. It aims to create a safe and supportive space in which those who identify as transgendered can meet.

Sistergirls & Brotherboys Australia

Provides peer support for Sistergirls, Brotherboys, and gender diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families and friends across Australia.

Spectrum Intersections

The Rainbow Neurodiverse Group is a free peer led group for people 18 and over who identify as neurodiverse and on the LGBTIQA+ Spectrums. This is a safe space and learning environment for people without fear of judgment, misunderstanding, harassment or abuse.


Transfemme is a website designed to promote healthier relationships between trans women and cisgender men. This website has been created by the Zoe Belle Gender Collective in collaboration with a collective of Victorian based trans women and cis men who have experience in dating or are in relationships with trans women.


TRANSmission is a monthly gathering of transgender and gender non-conforming folks working together through our struggles, no matter how big or how small. Our goal is to weave a sense of community, and to serve as reminder that you are not alone. Facilitated by community activist Miranda Sparks, TRANSmission meets regularly at the Mental Health Foundation Australia – Victoria office; Suite J, 450 Chapel St, South Yarra. For more information contact Miranda Sparks.

Trans Housing Melbourne

Trans Housing Melbourne is a group for people seeking shared accommodation in Melbourne with trans or trans friendly people. The group can also be used to start a share house. This group aims to create safe housing opportunities and exists due to the specific barriers that trans people face attaining accommodation. Please Note: Trans is an inclusive term including but not limited to transgender, transsexual, gender-queer, non-binary and non-cis people.

trans and gender diverse support group

Transgender Victoria’s peer led support group is designed to speed you along, whether your obstacle is direction, connection or even just you. It’s confidential and you can be anonymous. No appointment or referral is needed, only a gold coin donation. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday evening and the 4th Saturday morning each month, in Carlton.

THE Shed

The Shed is a support group for transmasculine and non-binary identifying people designed to support and nurture the masculine side of our gender. We meet face to face each month and via Facebook to obtain mutual support and gain resilience through shared experiences of our lives. Everyone is welcome, and there is no requirement for medical transition. We run a binder program and free clothes are available at meetings. STPs and packers are for sale via the website.