Falls and Balance Clinic

The Falls and Balance clinic provide a specialist assessment service for patients experiencing issues with falls and balance and affecting mobility particularly where the cause is uncertain.

Patients need to be cognitively alert or have a carer / support  person to assist with the clinic’s recommendations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Clients residing in Monash Health catchment areas
  • Clients experiencing falls &/or balance problems particularly where the cause is unknown or not certain.
  • Clients must be cognitively alert or have a carer/support person who is happy to attend clinic appointments and assist with the implementation of recommendations.
  • Clients experiencing vestibular problems.

Referral Requirements

Medical letter including:

  • Current and past medical history
  • Current medication list
  • Recent medical test results
  • Details of specialists involved

Clinical Assessment Phases

  • Initial appointment – Occupational Therapy Home Assessment
  • Specialist clinic appointment with Medical Specialist and Physiotherapist
  • Review appointment arranged post clinic assessment if required
  • Clients with vestibular dysfunction will be treated within the clinic


  • No cost for consultation
  • Some tests arranged by the clinic may have out of pocket expenses
  • There may be some out of pocket expenses for equipment hire.

Contact information


Movement Disorders Clinic Building
Specialist Clinics Consulting Suites
Warrigal Road
Cheltenham 3192