Asthma education paediatric

Asthma education for children and families is available to users of acute hospital services or at risk of becoming frequent users.


  • children who have attended Emergency Department in the last 12 months or at risk of attending the Emergency Department.
  • patients over 18 years old we can forward their referrals to Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP)


  • previous intensive care unit presentation
  • complex psychosocial issues
  • fewer than 3-4 episodes per week of needing bronchodilator.


  •  From a general practioner, paediatrician, Monash Health Emergency Departments or paediatric wards.

Waiting Lists

Although there is not official “wait list” allow up to six weeks wait for an appointment.

Days of service/sites


  • Kim – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • Sarah – Wednesday, and Friday
  • Karen – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Carole – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Contact information


1300 3 iCARE Option 5
Fax: 9554 9151