Aboriginal health – community based services

Monash Health Community works closely with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to improve health outcomes and the wellbeing of community members.

Our programs provide a range of primary health care services to these communities. We can provide one-on-one care or work with groups.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Clients with an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander background
  • There are no catchment or boundary restrictions


  • No cost

Our Services

Access and Support Worker

Provides support and appointment coordination to clients accessing Monash Health Community Health Services. Works closely with the Dandenong and District Aborigines Cooperative (DDACL) home and community care program and co-facilitates the Saturday women’s group at the DDACL.


Works with individuals/groups on a variety of dietary issues – including diabetes and weight management.

Aboriginal Transition Officer

Works with Aboriginal people (adult and paediatric) who access the Emergency Departments to provide a seamless service from the hospital to the community and to co-ordinate all the person’s health care needs.

Healthy Koori Kids Program

Healthy Koori Kids service for Aboriginal children aged 0-18 years who are at risk of entering, or are in out-of-home care. The service offers a multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals consisting of a paediatrician, paediatric psychologist, speech therapist, oral hygienist and Aboriginal Health Workers, providing a fortnightly clinic to address children’s health needs.

Dental (Community)

Monash Health Dental Services provide dental treatment under the guidelines of Dental Health Services Victoria. We provide dental care to eligible health care or pension card holders and their dependants.

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