Research Processes

Complaints Regarding Process

Should a researcher have a concern regarding the HREC’s consideration of their research project, the matter should be referred, in writing, to the Chief Medical Officer, Corporate Services, Monash Health, Monash Medical Centre, Locked Bag No. 29, Clayton, 3168.

Any complaints regarding the conduct of a research project should be made in writing to the Manager, Human Research Ethics Committee.

Consumer Involvement in Research Development

Researchers may consider engaging with consumers when developing research proposals involving Monash Health consumers, their carers or families because a consumer/s may be able to offer some valuable insights on the proposed research and this will assist in strengthening the research. Monash Health has a Consumer Participation Register and of the researchers were to contact the Consumer Partnerships Manager Ms Amy Lewis via email or telephone 0481 909 859, Amy will be able to advise if there are consumers who may be interested in offering advice on the proposed research.

Protocol Deviations/Violations

All protocol deviations should be recorded in the study site master file.

HREC only requires protocol deviations deviations that affect patient safety or ethical considerations of the project or significant disruption to the project.

If a deviation or violation is being reported, please submit via email to using the Department of Health and Human Services template available at:

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