Site specific assessments for projects reviewed by another institution

Application guidance for site specific assessments for projects reviewed by another institution

These application instructions refer to studies which have been reviewed by another accredited institution under the National Acceptance Program. Prior to the study commencing at Monash Health an application for Site Specific Authorisation is required. This may be submitted by 5:00pm each Wednesday.

All submissions must contain the following completed forms/documents:

Electronic Submission

  • Researchers are asked to lodge new submissions via ERM
  • Please ensure that the HREC Approval(s), HREA, VSM and all the latest HREC approved documents are included in your SSA submission (Please note, we cannot access the HREA on ERM for other institutions).
  • Following lodging the submission please send an email to informing the team of the new submission.
  • In the email please advise of the ERM Reference and Monash Health Reference (if one has already been assigned) along with the study title.
  • Attach the fee form (if applicable) to the email.
  • The only documents required in hard copy, will be legal documents such as the HREC Review Form of Indemnity/Standard Form of Indemnity and Research Agreements as many commercial sponsors prefer a wet ink signature.

For further information please refer to the Research Support Services contact list for the person/people able to assist with submission enquires and their availabilities. Please note that staff are able to meet with researchers prior to a submission but researchers will need to make an appointment first.


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