Quality Assurance and Negligible Risk Projects

Quality assurance projects at Monash Health

Prior to submitting an application for Quality Assurance, please read the Monash Health Quality Assurance Policy and Procedure.

In order to apply for QA Approval at Monash Health.

Step 1 – Monash Health Employee completes the Victorian Quality Assurance (QA) Application Form online at: https://au.forms.ethicalreviewmanager.com/

Step 2 – Following completion of the Quality Assurance (QA) Application Form, Monash Health employee sends a courtesy email to research_qa@monashhealth.org advising:

  • ERM Reference Number
  • Project Title

Step 3 – The Quality Assurance (QA) Application Form will be reviewed by the HREC Manager and if required a member of the Human Research Ethics Committee.

An email will be sent to the first named investigator within 3 working days. If the study is deemed to be QA and exempt from Human Research Ethics Review, a letter will be attached to the email, which may be used for verification purposes with journal editors/conference organisers if there is an intention to publish the results. The outcome will also be recorded on the Ethical Review Manager website.

If the activity is deemed to require human research ethics review, this advice will be communicated within 3 working days.


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