Human Research Ethics and Site Authorisation

Prior to commencing a Research Project, researchers require ethics and governance approval. A Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) provides ethics approval, whilst an institution provides Site Specific Authorisation for a study to be conducted at a particular site.

The Monash Health HREC are able to provide HREC Review for other institutions, however, Site Specific Authorisation to conduct the study at a site must still be obtained from each institution prior to the study commencing.

If a researcher already has obtained HREC Review from an Institution which is NHMRC Certified for multi-centre review for that category of research, Monash Health will not duplicate HREC Review and will require an application for Site-Specific Authorisation Only.

In the event, that the study requires review by the Monash Health HREC and Site-Specific Authorisation at Monash Health, researchers are asked to submit both an HREC application and an application for Site-Specific Authorisation.  It is requested that the application be submitted simultaneously, to allow concurrent review.


Research Governance Seminar Series

To learn more about our Research Governance Seminar Series (HREC and Governance Process), please visit this page.

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