Current studies and consumer involvement in research

Learn about the current studies at Monash Health and how researchers are partnering with consumers.

Adult trials

Blood diseases – ACBD Consumer Engagement Program

The Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD) have launched their Community Engagement Program. This program aims to connect dedicated researchers at the ACBD with community members (often called consumers) who have experienced a blood disorder or cancer. Consumers will be partnered with researchers or a research group, bringing their valuable lived experiences to the team and contributing to our shared goal of turning new discoveries into better patient outcomes.

Eligibility and contact information

COVID-19 Research

Researchers at Monash Health are involved in a wide variety of research studies to better understand COVID-19 and provide better treatment to the community.

Learn more about our COVID-19 research projects.

Monash Heart – Severe Hypertriglyceridemia Study

Monash Heart is currently enrolling for a clinical trial testing a potential new drug for the treatment of severe hypertriglyceridemia (increased blood level of triglyceride, a type of fat).

If the amount of certain types of fats in the blood gets too high, it can lead to heart disease and many other serious conditions, due to a build-up of fat in the arteries.

You are invited to take part in this research project if you have a history of fasting triglycerides of at least 5.65 mmol/L. The potential new drug being tested is administered by injection and has previously been tested in healthy volunteers and participants with hypertriglyceridemia.

The duration of the study for participants is approximately 54 weeks, and all study visits will be conducted at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton.

If you would like to learn more about this study please contact:
Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre (MCRC)


The Monash Health Department of Oncology provides more than 1.5 million residents of southern Melbourne with access to world leading cancer treatment over four locations within the Monash Health service.

For a list of current Oncology trials, contact numbers and further information, please visit the Oncology page.

Paediatric trials

Monash Children’s Clinical Trials Centre – Meningococcal Vaccine Study

Monash Children’s Clinical Trials Centre is taking part in a clinical research study called the Boost Study. This study is looking at a potential new vaccine that aims to protect against 5 different types of meningococcal infections (A,B,C,W and Y). The study will look at safety and also whether this vaccine may act as a booster in people who have already received a licensed vaccine against meningococcal types ACWY.

Eligibility and contact information

Consumer involvement in research

Researchers are encouraged to partner with consumers in all stages of research.

Information, guidance, training and access to consumer and community partners may be located through these excellent resources:

During 2021, Monash Partners will be facilitating lunch time seminars for researchers on consumer and community involvement in research. Monash Health will be participating in these seminars.