Kirsty Murtagh

Simulation Manager

Kirsty’s background is mainly in Emergency Nursing, but also, Public Health and Midwifery.

She first fell in love with Simulation and its power to aid understanding, as a participant in a simulation with the Australian army while preparing to do humanitarian work in developing countries. She then actively used simulation as a teaching tool in South Sudan, Nepal and Laos, before coming back to Australia to formalise her training with the Grad Cert in Clinical Simulation. Since then she has run simulations and simulation centres in Sierra Leone (during the Ebola Crisis), London and Melbourne.

Today Kirsty works a 4 day week at the simulation centre, maintains some clinical shifts at RMH ED and teaches undergrad and postgrad nursing at Monash University. She is an ALS instructor, and holds a Master’s in Public Health.

Outside of work, Kirsty loves hiking, theatre and musicals, but most of all travel, and is thrilled that travel is possible again.